About Us

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Taylor’s Tires has been in business for over 50 years. We don’t just know the size of the tires that are on every vehicle in your family, we know the names of your pets. How do we know that you might ask? Because we ask questions. Because we care. Because we like to know.

We take great pride in being apart of the Inman Community that has graciously made us a part of their family over the last 50 years.

We grew up here, and we want to continue to grow with you and the surrounding areas.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Taylor’s Tires is simple. To provide the best service in our industry, and to make sure you have an exceptional experience when you bring your vehicle in to us.

We don’t just sell tires, and we don’t like to think we have to “sell” you on anything we offer. We provide you with just what you want when you bring your vehicle into us, and then we provide you even more service and value.

It’s not just our job to make sure you and your car leave Taylor’s Tires better than when you came in, it’s our pleasure.